Friday, August 12, 2005

blog hog reporting for duty!

i'd like to take a minute to address a few of J. Diggy's comments.

a) what are Switzers? sounds like a food... or maybe a cigar?
b) scenario remix. clearly.
c) i would have thought alyssa would've take all three titles. but what do i know?

ok, now that that's over -

i'm hung over. last night a good friend of mine was in town, Ari is his name, and upon having HHK explained to him... well, he was left speechless. he just kinda stared at me with this glassy look in his eye. i think he was truly stumped.

so i changed the subject. i mean, shit was weird.

HHK T-shirts. They're being worked on. I'm currently checking out different printing companies for them. Want to make sure they look, smell, and taste great.

HHK Pics from August. They're coming, I promise. Our photographer Rick has been swamped with life and work, but he'll have them ready soon. Thanks for the patience.

Weekend plans: Staying cool, record shopping, drinking w/ above mentioned friend, paying bills, making october's HHK flyer, sleeping, tivo'ing family guy, and going to see the HIEROGLYPHICS (w/ non phixion, oc, & boom bap project) at BB Kings on Sunday Night.

I'm not going because i saw him not that long ago, but METHOD MAN is also playing this weekend, also at BB Kings. so there's hip hop in town people. soak it up.

be easy.



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