Thursday, October 06, 2005

The envelope please......

Good afternoon to all..

Terrific edition of HHK on Monday... Great song selection, and tremendous execution...

Don't want to get into a habit of awarding more than one prize winner per month, but sometimes, it's just too damn hard.. As long as we've got enough prizes, who cares?

This month's winners are J.E.F.F. for his performance of "Ready To Die", and Da Chauncey for "Funkdafied" (I know Chauncey had someone else on stage with her, but the name escapes me).
Please e-mail the site to claim your prize. (Also - TJ & Stacey as well as Sonia - don't forget to hit us up for last months prize)

Other highlights from the final Monday -

Please Goodwin.. Don't hurt em... How you did a flawless version of "Gimme Some More" I will never know.

Loved Alisa, Simone and the rest of the "It Takes 2" posse.. Gotta love the backup dancers.Speaking of dancing, the only thing the Digital Undergroundettes were missing was the Humpty nose...

There's always a few that are amazing, but don't win, and I hate to see them fall below the radar..Rich.. You murdered Scenario. Murdered it. Even after you made the needle jump like 9 grooves on the record... George ripped Get Down like it was Nas' final take in the studio...

Van, I hope that picture of you holding the pack of condoms during Bonita Applebaum makes its way into a poster-sized version.. Love the use of props. (I hope you got to use at least 2 of those that night as well)

Let's see..We had a lawyer who loved to Electric Relax, rock'd wilder with Kevin and J, saw Nicole make a strong case for Eric B for President, twins who talked shit about yo mama, after a warning from Maie we ducked from Hera's liquid swords, Vin had 99 problems, but Davina's version of Oh No (with special guest TJ killing Pharaoh's verse) was not one of them, Gusto and Steve let it be known that they're still not players, and Justine reminded us that it's nothing but a g thang.

Overall, a great night..

Hope to see everyone 11/4.



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I told you before. Let's talk about this at home in private. This isn't the time or the place.

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