Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thank you!!!

Wow. Another fantastic night of Hip Hop Karaoke at Rothko! We had a full house and plenty of dope mic rockers. Excellent performances all around. Diggedy will be on here in the next couple of days to recap the specifics. Also, be sure to check back soon for the pictures of the nights festivities. A big thank you to Rick Purcell, our photographer, who always comes through ready to do great work.

I know it's still early... but hey, did I mention our NYE party? Well, here's the pitch:

Details... $65 in advance.


that's right kids... instead of shelling out a big cover charge and then paying $15 for a beer... you can drink your face off for 4 hours and not worry about a thing.

oh, did i mention the little DJ I hired? the legendary PETE ROCK himself is on the wheels for a special 2 hour set. wonder what midnight song he'll drop?

and last, but not least, the late night entertainment is provided by Hip Hop Karaoke - Your Chance to Rhyme.

so after you're tummy is all warmed up on tequila... you'll have the opportunity to make a complete fool of yourself doing "brooklyn zoo".

Rothko 116 Suffolk St Lower East Side, NYC

Advance tickets can be bought on

if you know anything about New Years in NYC, this is a fucking steal of a bargain... and really the only place for hiphoppers on NYE. you're welcome.

thanks again.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will Pete's midnight song be? I'm guessing "Hey Ya."

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, he prefers retro ish like '1999'.

6:03 PM  
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