Thursday, February 16, 2006

happy post valentines day.

a couple news bits concerning valentine's day:

- mos def has 5 kids! and not only that, 2 of 'em cost him 10 g's a month! and not only that... he's only paying 8!
- ghostface killah has a new video coming out that deals with love lost (and physically hurt). it's ooooookay.... but i would have loved to see something like what down with the king did... and for the albums mixtape single, "be easy", instead.
- kool g. rap has feelings about love.

hope you all had a nice valentine's day. mine was good... i saw the wu-tang clan and turned 26.

in HHK news... we're just about ready to launch our new site. any minute now! so be on the lookout for that. there's also a lot more exciting stuff up our sleeves for the coming months... and we'll be sure to keep you all posted.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when did the HHK blog turn into hip-hop Page Six?!

3:08 PM  
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