Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 48

GeorgeWB is banned from the blog!

Kidding Chuck. We love your posts. They warm the cockles of our heart with their sincerity.

What's up people.

I know.. My WAD keeps coming later and later in the day (HIYO!) Long after people have left work. I'm sure you have a computer at home to check over the weekend, but how can I be positive? My computer at home is down. I can't check anything. Not Not Not Maybe you share my problem. Maybe your Commodore 64 is broken too!

So I get in the late post today, and then on Sunday, The Other Guy will post a youtube video of Paula Poundstone impersonating Andrew Dice Clay, and Weekend At Diggedy's will be forgotten news.

But the die hards out there. They'll scroll down.

This is for you.

The choice cuts for this Friday, February 22nd :

Pete Rock feat Lords of the Underground - "The Best Secret"

This one is weird. When I saw this song existed - off of Pete's upcoming album NY's Finest - I got excited. Love Pete Rock, love the Lords. I listened to it once, and was like "eh". But the "repeat" option was clicked on the WinAmp5000 Supreme. So the second run through I was saying "you know, it's not that bad". Now, I've played it like 20 times. It's fresh. Glad to see these two link up again. I'm pretty sure I posted the "Flow On" remix many WAD's ago. You know the drill. Download it!

Blu and Exile - "My World Is..."

Crazy, crazy, CRAZY shout out to the homie Dee Phunk for putting me on to this cat. The album - Below The Heavens - is bananas. I can't remember the last time I said that. And if you really know me, you know I haven't touted some new sh*t in HELLA long. So get your f*cking mouse out, click on the link, turn the speakers up, and take it home with you for the low, low, price of free. There's more where it came from. This is the type of sh*t that's so potent it gets the Spears kids pregnant. Do it. DOWNLOAD IT!

Natural Resource - "Negro League Baseball"

This is Jean Grae's first group, when she called herself "What?What?". Very fresh track. They had a few of them. Much like the other Natural's - Elements - they kind of just disappeared without much fanfare. If someone has the "Dynamic(rmx)", please post that sh*t in the comments. That track was bonkers, and I only have it on cassette. Natural Re kills that one.

Alright kids.

Diggedy's out.

Have a good weekend.