Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 72

First and foremost.... Have to say that last Friday's HHK was bananas.. Too many dope performances to name...

Had a really good time playing the hype man role...

Plus.. This is me stating for the record that I am a man of my word.. I don't know if they check the blog, but the Reservoir Dogs are guaranteed to have the first slot at the next HHK (November 15th!).. These guys.. and if you don't know who they are, here they are:

.. have been coming to HHK for over a year now.. No matter when they show up, they always manage to be one of the last performances of the night.. I'm talking 2:24am, 12 people left, the staff is begging us to leave time.. And they either do "Beats To The Rhyme", or " Brooklyn's Finest"..

Over that span, they've grown to be one of my favorite performers.. They keep me going during the final stretch run of the night.. So, in honor of their steady committment to closing down the evening, they can start off the festivities next month...

And with that, here are your choice cuts for this Friday, October 10th...

Raekwon - "Kids Thats Rich" produced by Pete Rock

Shaolin and Mount Vernon unite! Very dope track. Pete killed it on the beat. I still need a translater for Rae, but the flow is still fresh. Download it!

Masta Ace - "Saturday Night Live" (LA Jay Remix)

This is the same as the album cut, just a different beat... Always loved the original (you can check out the video here: ).. Pretty crazy that with the switch of the beat, it turns into a smooth cut.. Very dope either way.. Download it!

Showbiz & AG feat Big L, Dashawn, and Lord Finesse - "Represent"

One of my favorite posse cuts ever.. Off of Show & AG's first full length, Runaway Slave.. SO many quotables on this one.. You'll just have to DOWNLOAD IT for yourself.

That's it for me..

Have a good weekend peoples.


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