Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend at Wex's, Volume 1?

whaddup party people. wexington the 1st here.

first of all --- come to southpaw tonight. bring your friends. it's going to crazy, i can feel it. the best biggie performance of the night gets a cool hundred bucks. the second best gets a fiddy. and prizes for the other super dope biggie performances.

ok --- since diggedy, ahem i mean dj album cuts, has been and will be handling some of the pre-hhk deejaying duties, it's only right that i jump in and help out with the friday "weekend at" blog postings.

hmm... what to do with the theme of this weekend at post? duh, biggie joints of course!

some of you hardcore heads probably already have these. but for yous guys that don't, first up to bat, it's the long lost pepsi commerical that biggie cut before he passed. the commercial never aired, but the audio leaked, and here it is--

another biggie joint hot off the wire! the dj premier remix of Machine Gun Funk! note the lack of a siren in this one.

what's that? another rare biggie joint coming right up! the promo version of Me & My Bitch!

see you tonight. don't forget your energy!

wex luther.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayo three kings--

Gimme the loot! Gimme the loot!


Give someone else the loot! Give someone else the loot!

Either way, what's the skinny puppy?

10:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

that was a great show on Friday...even though i got the hook...i had a great time...

what's good with the video?

10:30 AM  

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