Friday, June 05, 2009

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 78

There's been a lot of build up folks.... I think it's time I released a WAD.

The countdown has begun for HHK's return to the Big Apple.... 2 weeks before HHK takes over the legendary Mercury Lounge... We're all really excited about this one, and damnit, so should you!

Been a while since we rocked an HHK in the state of NY period... Going through hype withdrawal... I've just been running up to people at the bus stop shouting "DJ WEX DROP IT"... Good times.

Something pretty epic has gone down since the last event.. After 30 years on this earth, your boy Diggedy has obtained a driver's license... I'm not going to lie... I thought it would never happen... Momma Diggedy didn't get her license til she was like 34, and I've definitely got whatever ales her... I have put this thing off for 13 years... What was the impetus for me finally deciding to make the magic happen? I refused to have to go to the DMV to take a test and renew my permit for a 4th time... Hells no. So, I took the five hour course, took a few lessons, had the most harrowing DMV instructor since Uncle Phil in License To Drive, but now, I am a man... My future children will no longer be able to say "Can I get a lift from your parents? My daddy can't drive". ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY PEOPLE!! And a fun side note that can only happen in Diggedy land... I took the 5 hour course in Queens (REPRESENT), in a tiny room with 12 other kids, most of which were like 18... First, I had to sit through a 90 minute tape - yes, tape.. as in VHS - from the early 90's with guest stars such as: Craig T Nelson, Hammer, Karyn Parsons, Rue McLanahan... This was a who's who of where are you now... But hey, the message got through right? This also went down the week the swine flu broke out at St.Francis Prep which is like 6 blocks from me... I'm sitting next to the same girl for 3 hours... Everyone leaves for a short break.. It's just her and me... She calls someone on her phone, and I'm just sitting there reading the Daily News... I then hear her say "omg it is so crazy... yeah, they shut down our school! they're scrubbing it down and disinfecting everything! yeah i don't know, billy and them went to mexico.. ok g2g!!!" One of those moments where I'm looking up from my paper, wishing there was some kind of camera to document the life that is the J to the D...

Alright.. enough.. how about some tracks for this disgusting Friday, June 5th??????????

Souls of Mischief - "Tour Stories"

Souls new album is supposed to be exec produced by the one & only Prince Paul... I believe this track is produced by him.. It's nitro freshness.. Nice old school Souls sound to it... Was extremely pleased when this track made it's way to me.. Hoping that the album is more of the same.. Download it!

J Live - "Hush The Crowd"

Back on June 15th, 2007 I wrote this: "When I'm back on my home computer one day, I HAVE to post 'Hush The Crowd.' One of my favorite songs ever, in any genre."
My bust... 2 years later, here you go.. Still one of my favorite songs ever... This song just takes me back to the 90's man.. Download it!

Styles of Beyond - "Outta Control"

This was off of Megadef, which I thought was a dope album... Not sure if they ever did anything since other than Freddie Prinze movies and Mike Shinoda side projects.. Song is fresh....

Have a good weekend peoples!



Blogger Charlie said...

next up - bar mitzvah. we'll make you a man one of these days.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous wexfeerd said...

Megadef had beats for days. and the emcee'ing is good enough not to stand in the way. i encourage all to go and find that album. it's worth it.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's a hilarious story! and oh. um...i'm not hugging you anymore..

*slinks away*

9:55 AM  
Anonymous donidintheplace2be said...

I went through 90s vinyl a few weeks ago and came across braggin writes. Such good memories

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Diggedy said...

I loved "Braggin Writes"... Back in college in my emceeing days I listened to it so much I referenced it in the first verse to one of my songs...
"J Live's got 'Braggin Writes', and me I set my sights on similar goals/Where modesty persists to pay its tolls"

10:56 AM  
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