Friday, August 14, 2009


some notes about tomorrow's "live at the bbq" event at governors island:

- it will be sunny
- it will be warm
- rich medina will spin CLASSICS
- you can bring your bikes (leave them outside the beach area). make a day of it ya'll.
- there are ferries from brooklyn that leave even earlier than 12 noon (
- there will be food and drinks for sale
- there will be dope hip hop karaoke performances
- diggedy will have 3 towels on standby
- the other guy will be wearing flip flops
- wexington will have on a serious amount of sunscreen
- deephunk will have a corona in hand

we're really looking forward to this, hope to see you there.



Anonymous RDJ said...

Other Guy was not in flip-flops. I want a refund.

10:51 PM  
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