Tuesday, December 01, 2009

last chance.

This Friday night will be the last chance to get a slot on the 2nd ever Hip Hop Karaoke Championship.

Same format as the last regional in Brooklyn. 3 judges, 20 performances, and the top 5 scores advance to the Championship.

So far, we have Chef (defending his title), Charlie, Diego, Santiago, Damali, Thomas, & Jessica, all ready to go for January 29th at Irving Plaza. Well, I don't know if they're ready or not, but they ought to be getting ready! Ya'll DO know that Irving Plaza is a big stage, yea? 1,200 people in the house, type of thing. This ain't no joke.

This Friday. Mercury Lounge. The Manhattan Regional Round. Let's go.

- Wexington.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*holds up sign that says "born ready"*

11:01 PM  
Anonymous santiago said...

ah, Ms. Perfect Ten in the building. :) me, I gots to practice

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nah i'm just playing. :) i gotta practice too..lol

5:18 PM  
Anonymous santiago said...

i knows it, lol - conundrum is that we don't what songs yet so I'm like all over the place memorizing possibilities. but finding some of these instrumentals is enough to drive one over the ledge - I can imagine some of these producers back in the day: "naw man, we ain't putting the instrumental track on the 12", sh_t is too HOT!" And rappers being like, "yeah, that's right, only I'm blessing that track" dammit

9:59 PM  
Anonymous wexington said...

all 12 of the competitors will get streams to the instrumental versions of the tracks they'll be performing on jan 29. so don't sweat that part, we got you.

10:39 AM  
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