Saturday, January 09, 2010

Guest Blogger: DAMALI

Over the next few days, look for some of the 12 competitors for the 2010 Hip Hop Karaoke Championship to be showing up here as guest bloggers. First up is Damali - one of the two ladies in the final 12. Take it away Damali!

An Entirely New State of Mind
By Damali

It’s a new year and a new decade (arguably...we’ll discuss that later), in a fairly new century. Would it be possible for us, the masses, to adopt new thought patterns?

I mean, I know the majority of the United States is supposedly populated by sheep-like, i’ll-believe-anything-if-it’s-in-the-tabloids, failing-public-school-attending rejects, but but but, there’s hope for everyone, right? Anyone can change, yeah?

What if we didn’t allow record companies to decide for us what music we like and want to hear?

What if young people started regularly attending jazz performances and buying jazz albums?

What if we all stopped automatically believing soundbite-type headlines and think critically about information instead?

What would happen if nobody bought Christmas trees?

What kind of seismic shift would occur if we all stopped caring who The Big Gay Rapper is?

In fact, what if we stopped trying to figure out, or even caring about, who celebrities are having sex with?

What if we stopped buying bottled water and utilized the free-flowing fluoride-packed elixir that comes from our own faucets, that we waste during our 35 minute showers?

What impact would it have if teenagers witnessed adults acting like adults?

What if we allowed love to actually really truly conquer all?

What if we stopped texting and used our phones to CALL people?

What if the “decade” really begins in 2011?

What if I stopped typing now?


Anonymous rdj said...

Damali for President!

9:17 PM  
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