Sunday, August 14, 2005

went shoppin'

yesterday, jay and i went out and purchased a few new songs for HHK:

Method Man - Bring the Pain
MC Lyte - Paper Thin
Nas - Nas is Like
Da Brat - Funkdafied
Cypress Hill - Hand on the Pump
Dr. Dre - Keep Ya Heads Ringin'
Ludacris - Area Codes
Common - Bitch in Yoo
Redman - Da Goodness

so there's some new choices for ya!

actually, this might be a good opportunity to explain how the song list works...

we get tons of requests... and most of them are really good suggestions. however, we are completely at the mercy of what was pressed up and released as instrumental versions (instrumental versions = version of the song minus the vocals, so that you can perform over them yourself). these instrumentals are found typically found on the b-side of 12" vinyl singles. problem is, not every song that is released as a 12" single carries the instrumental version (see: mama said knock you out) and occasionally the inst. version DOES appear on the record, but does not match the original song in time or content (see: humpty dance, warm it up, kane, etc). another other issue is that many of these records that we're looking for are now out of print or extremely hard to find. and another another issue is that 12" records are typically the "singles" of the album, so album cuts (see: biggie's "the what") are hard to find inst. versions for as well.

with that said, we do our best to add at least 8-10 songs a month and literally spend hours searching (and paying for) new selections for the event... and hope to continue to match as many of your requests as we can.

it's raining... but that can't stop me... see ya at hiero!



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