Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Ever since they started airing that trailer for "Jarhead", I've had "Jesus Walks" in my head incessantly. Bom Bom Bom, Bom Ba Bom Bom Bom. Non Stop. It wasn't even this bad when the song was hot and the video was being aired. I don't know.

Speaking of Jesus, Sarah Silverman has a new movie coming out on November 11th (in NYC, anyways) called "Jesus Is Magic". I'm a fan.

Speaking of Magic, did you hear that Copperfields new "trick" is going to be impregnating a woman on stage --- from across the room. Seriously, is this what he's come to these days?

Speaking of catchy songs, cute girls, and magical performances ... be sure to come out this Friday night to our November edition of Hip Hop Karaoke. The weather is supposed to clear, warm, and perfect for spittin rhymes. Rothko. 10pm. Drinks, Prizes, Rapping, etc etc.