Thursday, December 08, 2005

Prediction: Kanye will stomp feet & cry.

so the grammy nods were released this morning. look at that race for 'record of the year'! those are the powerhouse's of '05 for sure. well, except for the gorillaz / de la song. but shit, how fucking dope is it to see de la soul nominated for a grammy in 2005!?! it's hella dope (hello oakland).

ok, my prediction. green day will win everything. period. remember that year where lauryn hill had to bring a shopping cart to the stage to haul off her trophies? it will be like that. and kayne will be videotaped stomping his feet and crying. he may yell, he certainly will pout, and i predict some sort of "ban" on the grammys. don't believe me? well, he's already started talking. another interesting note from that article, mr. west claims to be $600k in the hole on "late registration". maybe if he stopped making 3 videos for each song, he'd be out of the red.

i feel like i'm coming off as a kanye-hater. that's not true. he's a genius. i just think he needs to do more of letting his work do the talking, and less of letting his mouth do the talking. say word.

a warning. i WILL be plugging Rothko's Hip Hop New Years Eve Party in every post. get used to it. we've already started selling some tickets, so i wouldnt suggest waiting 'till the last minute on this one.

mad amounts of love.



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