Sunday, February 19, 2006

so here it is.

the new website for Hip Hop Karaoke NYC is here. what do you think?

first of all, a BIG GIANT HUGE 'THANK YOU' to Evan Cony. Evan has been hard at work for a couple months now designing & writing the code for this new site of ours and we couldn't have asked for a better person to handle it for us. we're seriously appreciative.

the site itself is basically very similar content-wise as the old site. you still have the songs, the lyrics, the photo galleries, the blog (duh), the press, etc. We did update/add the about us & contact pages though. There'll be some kinks for us to work out in the coming days, but overall, this is going to be our new look for a while.

We definitely want to hear some feedback from you on the new site... so either post here or hit us up on our new contact page... or as always, at

more later fools.