Friday, November 10, 2006

Some Jay-Z News to Start Your Day

You can check details of Kingdom Come here. And they have to be true if they're on a blog, right?

Also, this is ridiculous (in a good way):

Jay-Z Plans Eight City Tour in One Day (thx BV)

So should HHK follow in Jigga's footsteps and do an eight-city, one-day tour?? Would Diggedy welcome crowds in Dallas by announcing "W'sup Philly?!" Burning questions on a Friday morning.

Oh yeah, and HHK is going down Saturday night - Knitting Factory - 10 pm. No word yet if Wex is gonna spin "Workin' For the Weekend."

- J. New


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, if he did spin that Loverboy shit I'd go ape. Vancouver stand up! I think my dad was the singer or guitar player's G.P. for a while.

12:05 PM  
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