Thursday, February 08, 2007

On the A train with Dana Dane.

interesting read:

One late night at the Jay St./Borough Hall train station in Downtown Brooklyn, one of Hip Hop's living legends was spotted getting off the train and was on the platform to greet him. 80's Hip Hop icon of music and fashion, Brooklyn native Dana Dane is definitely one of the most underrated MC's of the Golden Era with considerable influences in the gear we choose and the storytelling format of today's MC. Just to still be noticed in this metropolis of 8 million people shows and proves that Dana Dane still has fame, even on the A train. writer ShaBe chills on the iron horse for a few stops with the living legend who looks just like he did in 1987, signature gold tooth and all, except his Ballys turned to Timbs and his Kangol has become a skully. Check it out as this real life Cindafella kicks it about the 5th element of Hip Hop, how he hooked up with Slick Rick, and how his classic raps have turned to snaps in the form of children's books.

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Blogger Charlie said...

the fort was no joke. the deceps used to hold court there regularly. just ice is a fort greene native also.

8:28 PM  

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