Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 16

I know I know I know..

Nothing on Friday.. I was out of the country.. My apologies..

I come back and can't even find the Yankees in the standings.. WTF? Actually, I was able to catch some of the games against the Red Sox in the Bahamas on ESPN... I managed to eat dinner at the one bar that had a die hard native Bahamian Red Sox fan working my table.. Dude was relentless.. There is no escape when you're a Yanks fan...

Well, it's Sunday, and it's still the weekend, so I'm going to put this up anyway..

Without further adieu, here are the sunburned Memorial Day weekend tracks for this Sunday, May 27th :

Mos Def - "Very Well Rokness"

Chances are you know more about this song than I do... I'm guessing based on the name drop that it's produced by 88 Keys, but wtf do I know... My favorite Mos song was always "Universal Magnetic" and this song is right up that smooth alley... I downloaded this off of Napster many moons ago... If you're a fan of Mos from before his boogie man days, you'll dig... I've given up on him making music like this anymore, but such is life...I'll just have to hold my breath and count off the days until Italian Job 2 drops... I actually had some fun with Mos at a Strokes show a few years ago... Right before the show, he was entering the row right behind me signing a couple of autographs.. I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I turned around and said "Hey aren't you from that group..." - this is where he expects me to say Blackstar, but come on now, this is Diggedy we're talking about.. "Aren't you from that group Urban Thermal Dynamics???".. Mind you, this is before it was just re-issued on CD.. UTD was his first rap group in the early 90's with his brother from Medina Green.. He wasn't paying me any mind 'til I said this, then he just stares at me and says "yes".. With a completely deadpan face, I followed up with "Have you done anything since?".. He had a look that describing in words won't do justice.. Half of him was stunned, and the other half was the face of a man about to go into an explanation of his albums, movies, etc. Before he could open his mouth, I started laughing, told him I was kidding, and turned around... I'm a herb.

De La Soul - "What Yo Life Can Truly Be"

The "Saturdays" remix featuring the Native Tongue crew... Ahhh I miss roller skating at Laces.. I think I had about 3 parties there, and went to about 40.. I can't even begin to count how many of those fluoroscent green glow sticks I had piled up in my room.. Sigh.. The Native Tongues..De La, Tribe, J Beez, and Black Sheep.. Somebody should have warned us... It won't always be like this.. I read somewhere that there was a version of "Scenario" recorded with everyone, but they had to edit it to just LONS and Tribe... I'd give my future first born up for that mp3...

MOP - "Rugged Neva Smoove" (DJ Premier remix)

God I love this song.. I haven't listened to this in a hot minute.. Just putting it on right now I want to go to a bar, find some dudes walking around with their collars up, and just punch them til the intials on my pinky ring are engraved on their forehead.. I'm not even a violent person.. But that's what this track brings out of me.. For a couple of years, the only version I had of this was the clean one that I dubbed off of Stretch & Bob.. I didn't realize it, though, and thought that the chorus was "M *scratching* O *scratching* P *scratching".. Finally I tracked down and heard the proper version with the "M fucking O fucking P".. The fact that MOP is not a household name is criminal...

Alright people.. Have a great Monday off.. Until Friday...


Blogger Kev frum BROOKLYN! said...

Took you long enough...

damn, just cause it's free don't mean you gotta take your time with it.

Seriously, good looks. I have that a poor quality version of that De La track, i'm hoping yours is better.

1:25 AM  
Blogger Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

"And the winner, for best Weekend at Diggedy's goes to (envelope, please) Volume 16!!!"

Perfect mix, Diggedy.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Van.

I think they're all equally slammin.

But hey, I'm partial.

11:01 AM  

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