Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's Volume 15

Party people in the place to be...

It is I.. The D - I to the double G.

Hope everyone had a van glorious week.

Mets-Yankees this weekend. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON AT THE GATE UPON ENTERING. My Yankees are 9 1/2 games out of first. AFTER this series at Shea, they come home to face Boston. If the Yankees get knocked out the box, and lose both series, Joe Torre will be fired by the All Star Game. Being double-digit games behind the Bo Sox is not good business for Georgie. And if the Mets are sitting pretty in first, buongiorno Joe. I don't agree with it. I think Cashman has put together the greatest line-up of individuals, and the shittiest "team" I have ever seen. I'm not a Cashman fan either. But that's another story for another W.A.D.

Alright people.. Diggedy's busy.. So today is a very, very, very special IPOD SHUFFLE edition of W.A.D. The first 3 songs that come up are what I post. Whether they be hot fire or hot ass.

First up... I believe that's ....................................

Keith Murray - "My Style Is Incredible"

Listen to the song for 15 seconds and tell me if you can't figure out who the producer is. If you still can't figure out, what are you doing on this site? If you still don't know after listening to the song, then you don't listen to lyrics. Anyway, the song is a banger. And it's new. Yes, I like a song made after the mid 90's. Go figure.

Maestro Fresh Wes feat Showbiz- "Fine Tune Da Mic"

WTF???? How did RDJ get into my IPOD???? Yes, I have Canadian Hip Hop in the iTunes. This track is a banger produced by and featuring Showbiz. TWO WORLDS COLLIDED. AND THEY WILL NEVER TEAR US APART!!!

Wow I am in a f*cking wild mood today. By the way, I'm wearing my Diggedy warm-up jacket as I type this. That's how into character I get with this blog.

Onyx - "Ah, And We Do It Like This"

Juvenile Hell is to Mobb Deep, what "Ah And We Do It Like This" is to Onyx. This is their original single from 1990. No Sticky Fingaz. Just Fredro, Sonee, and Big DS (R.I.P). The contrast is pretty wild, but it's a dope track.

Check it out.. Have a good weekend...

I will be out of the country all of next week, but will somehow someway try to get you your W.A.D. fix for May 25th.

And I'm out like a trout.


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