Friday, July 06, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 22

Was feeling very patriotic Wednesday afternoon, and so I saw Live Free Or Die Hard.

Guess what?

It sucked.

Understand something : Going in, I had NO expectations for this movie, let alone high ones. The character of John McLane is just something I enjoy watching. Stupid fun. The whole movie could have taken place in the middle of Central Park, with Bruce Willis playing acoustic guitar, eating a pizza pretzel in a tie-dyed shirt, occassionally stopping to toss a frisbee, and I probably would have given it two thumbs up. Basically, it would have to take an AWFUL movie for me to walk out disappointed. Well, if this wasn't awful, it's as close as you can be. I know everyone is giving it good reviews. 3 stars. All along the lines of "yeah, it's dumb, but dumb fun." Funk that. Without revealing much, or going into detail, this just didn't seem like John McLane. First off, the hung over, frazzled, NY cop has turned into some Euro-dressing head shaven officer. He looks like an action hero from 2025, which was never the point of the character. Sure there are lots of crazy action sequences. It was directed by the dude who did Underworld so it's gotta be good right?? Come on man. Did anyone like those f*cking movies? I don't need to see highways being blown up by missiles. I want to see this dude barefoot walking on glass. Most of the movie is McLane standing around watching computer geeks be computer geeks. The kid from the Mac commercial talks his computer jargon, then McLane says "In English please". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Funny right??? Sigh. Haven't I seen this movie somewhere before? Jeeeeeez. This won't ruin anything, and yet, it explains the whole thing. There's a chase scene towards the end. McLane's daughter (the minute I found out they were involving one of his kids I knew I was in for trouble) is in a van with the bad guy. McLane's in the car behind surprising the villain. Daughter yells at villain "there's my dad!". She's so spunky, no????

I'm done. On to the choice cuts for this Friday, July 6th.

Network Reps featuring Shawn J Period, Tru Persona, and DJ Spinna - "Simplistic"

Just a delightfully breezy summer track. You can't help but listen to this song and smile.

Missin' Linx - "Same Time"

Black Attack. Problemz. Kool Fashion aka Al Tariq. Every track I heard from this underground supergroup has been the same formula : dope beats, straight forward lyrics. Al Tariq is a beast on the mic. FYI. Cop God Connections. Then convert it to mp3 and send to me since I only have it on cassette.

Lords of The Underground - "Flow On" (Pete Rock remix)

If you caught The Sopranos finale, that was Doitall from Lords Of The Underground at Holsten's during the legendary finale scene. I confirmed that rumor by going to his myspace page. It was during that confirmation that I was made aware of the fact that they are working on a reunion album. Guess who's excited about it? Yep. This guy. This is another Pete Rock remix spectacular. Flooooooooooooooow on flowwwwwwwwwwwwww on, on and on and on and on...

Hope your weekend is a good one.


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