Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 20

This edition of Weekend at Diggedy's is inspired by the festivities going down tomorrow...

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival takes place, with the after party to end all after parties going on at South Paw thereafter (info beeeeeeeeeeeelow).

So, my 3 choices for this Friday, June 22nd are all Brooklyn selections...

Please to enjoy...

Boot Camp Clik - "And So"

A favorite of the Wex and Diggedy collection. When this dropped, we played it damn near every hour on the hour. If it was a record, the grooves would be destroyed. If it was a cassette, the tape would have exploded. If it was a CD, well, you get the picture (that and I don't know what happens when you play a song over and over again on a CD). DOPE ass beat, and everyone murders it. I guess it has this extra impact on me based on my childhood. Growing up, the BCC was the shit. This was high school. This was rocking backpacks outside of school. This was the lunchroom, me and Drew Boogie talking about Enta Da Stage, Dah Shinin, and Nocturnal instead of our chemistry exam. I guess my point is, when you talked Hip Hop, BCC was always on the tip of your tongue. To get into the "current state" of rap would just be a boring ass conversation that's been done a million times. But this song addresses one of my favorite crews place in the current landscape, and it's fucking fresh. DOWNLOAD IT!

Jeru - "Seinfeld"

A song about nothing. Always loved Jeru. Even when he tries to suck he's dope. "Three minutes and some change and I still ain't said none".

Special Ed - "Still Got It Made"

Always been an Ed fan. If you know me, you know I'm also a huge fan of comebacks. The underdog story. I'm always that dude checking for my favorite rapper's return hoping maybe, just maybe, they have a return to form. This song is kind of funny to me. I can't tell if I hate it, like it, or love it. There are parts where I'm like "eh", then there are parts where I find myself happy listening to some new Special Ed. Anyway, I'll let you decide. Special Ed is still the magnificent any way you slice it people.

Whether it be at the festival, or at the afterparty, hope to see you all tomorrow in the borough of Brooklyn.


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