Monday, January 14, 2008

Wanna See the Championship for Free??

So if you haven't seen, see below for our special announcement on guest judges on the 25th. Prince Paul. Ralph McDaniels. Dres. Damn. That is a lot of legend on stage right there.

The good people behind The Comebacks want to take care of a couple of HHK heads. So here's the deal: take a look at the questions below. If you know the answers, e-mail us at

info at hiphopkaraokenyc dot com

with your name and the best way to reach you by Sunday, January 20th. The names of everyone with all 3 correct answers will be thrown into Diggedy's '86 Kangol and a random winner will win two free tickets to the Championship!! If you don't know the answer, go to the Championship page anyway for the link to get tickets. And no e-mailing Diggedy directly. Non-disclosure clauses are binding! (Oh, and no answers in the comments. That's just foul.)

1. What album did Black Sheep's Dres make his debut on?

2. What movie director makes a cameo in Tribe Called Quest's video for "Scenario"?

3. What gangster rapper served as producer on Del tha Funkee Homosapien's debut album, I Wish My Brother George Was Here?

Good luck and see ya on the 25th!


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