Friday, April 04, 2008


Yes.. Tonight is the latest installment of HHK.. All the info's below.. Come through.. Wear something nice.. Business casual maybe? Let people know that you have a game plan, but you can let your hair down on the weekend too.

The HHK crew have a wonderful opener planned. So get there on time to watch it. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Cheer it. Sing along to it. High five one another in the crowd. Purchase a Heineken. While you're getting there on time, get there for DJ Wex's set. It starts at 10pm. It's always glorious. Every week he'll throw in a song that I love that is his way of saying "Hey Diggedy, this one's for you". He doesn't have to say it on the mic. It's unspoken. Not to mention I don't think the crowd would get hype hearing "HEY DIGS! IT'S FOR YOU! DJ WEX! ASTORIA CLAN! DJ WEX! ASTORIA CLAN"

Alright people. Enough of the rambling. On to the choice cuts for this Friday, April 4th.

Today, I bring you, the kids edition.

Chi Ali - "Roadrunner" (Puberty Mix)

I'm generally not a fan of child rappers, but there have been albums and tracks through the years that have made their way onto my rotation. This track is not off of Chi's first (and only) album, The Fabulous Chi Ali. The original one was a dope, mellow cut produced by The Beanuts with an appropriate cartoon sample. I guess as they were putting it out as a single, Chi's voice went Peter Brady on everyone, so they flipped what is probably the only "puberty remix" in the history of music. Tribe made the beat, and the song is bananas. Here's the video for it : . Wow. Did they know how to make a video back then or what? I keep waiting for MC Skat Kat to pop up in it. Anyway, you know the drill. Download it!

Da Youngstas - "Mad Props"

I don't know. Were Da Youngstas just a Northeast thing? Any way you slice it, they always popped up with a single or video that you just had to say "Hey, this isn't bad." Maybe it was Marley Marl's production, which on this track, is ridiculous. I wonder what the hell these guys are up to today. This track is 14 years old. So wild. I listen to this song as if they're still kids, when in reality, they're my age. Anyway, download it!

Shyheim - "I Declare War"

Ok. So Shyheim was all grown when this song dropped off of Manchild, but the albums I have of his from when he was a kid are on a different computer. But he was a kid once. More importantly, a kid rapping. My favorite track off of Manchild was actually "Furious Anger" with Big L, but I have already posted that in an early WAD volume. This track is fresh, and you should give it a listen.

Alright people.

That's it, that's all.

See you tonight?


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i have to add this thread.

this song is the shit-

A+ "Enter Hempsted"

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