Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume WEX

here's the scoop for those of you tuning in to read Weekend at Diggedy's -

Diggedy is in Texas. he may even be lost.

sooooo... i'm going to *try* and fill his shoes for today only.

let's go.

The Grouch - Simple Man

i've always been a big Grouch fan. hell, if i was a rapper, i'd call myself the same thing. side story, this year at the office "secret santa" gift exchange, i was the proud recipient of a Gargamel action figure & a Grumpy Dwarf action figure. yeah. anyway, The Grouch - he's a member of the west coast super group the Living Legends crew. i came across this song in college and always identified with it. the beat is super simple (like the man), super bangin, and sounds good real loud. plus my favorite lynyrd skynyrd song has the same title. so it's got that going for it too. HELLA DOWNLOAD IT!

AZ - Seems That Way

i've also always been a really big AZ fan. i think he's one of the most gifted technical rappers ever. sure, sometimes his taste in r&b'ish hooks can be questionable. but hell, we all make mistakes. when his flow is on... it's ON. same can be said for his taste in beats. and on this one, i think he really hit it out the park. it's a feel good summertime kinda jam. DOWNLOAD IT IN TIME FOR SUMMER!!

Masterminds - Stone Planet

this is one of those songs that i stumbled across somewhere along the lines, but don't remember when, where, or why. nor did i ever check out anything else they did. i think Diggedy has the full album that this song appears on and... i think... he loves it. don't know. anyway, this one is up-tempo, energetic, and flowalicious. classic material, if i do say so myself. DOWNLOAD IT AND LISTEN TO IT EXERCISING!! ha.

take care everybody & have a great weekend.

dj wex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done.

I am fans of these songs for sure.

11:01 AM  

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