Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a look back

in this post... i took a look back into the HHK photos from years past and found one i wanted to share, one that i rather enjoy.

you can do the same, if you'd like.

anybody who knows me also knows that i have an absolutely terrible memory. no diss to anyone who ever graces our stage, but at the end of night, i have trouble looking back to the performances and recalling all that much. all a blur, i guess.

but this one, i remember.

i thought it was absolutely hysterical then and i still do. the two of them got on the same page and were in it together 100%. Diggedy musta just caught a good vibe from dude 'cause he immediately jumped on-board with homies unique brand of funk and there was no lookin' back. love that. and look at the girl on the lower right, she couldn't agree more. she and i saw this moment from the same set of lenses.

this photo shows off a side of HHK that i love and hold near and dear. it's the side of it where people aren't afraid to let loose, act silly, & bring on a room full of smiles - all while staying 100% true to who they are as a person... while also expressing love & respect for this artform we all love. can't beat that with a bat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was Erik.

He was doing "Lose Yourself".

He was fairly subdued during the verse but like Frampton we came alive on the hook.

His palms were no longer sweaty.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you have to do is look in the lower right hand corner of the photo to capture a part of the HHK experience....that young lady is about to fall over in stitches....

10:05 AM  

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