Friday, June 06, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 60

I missed last week.. I know, I know, I know..

I'm sorry.

One day you'll be able to make blog posts with your mind.. When that day comes, no excuses.

I'll just think about it on the train, and boom. Stories, songs, life lessons, etc.

Until then, though, when your boy Diggedy is too busy, your boy Diggedy is too busy.

After today, I will have brought close to 180 songs into your life. Isn't that what it's all about? At least ONE of those songs has to have gotten some ipod play. If not, you either have a fantastic mp3 collection, or absolutely hate my taste in music. I can see either being a legitimate option.

I like when I do "theme" weeks, because it makes my life easier when I'm debating what songs to post. But I can't think of a theme.

Here are your random choice cuts for this partly cloudy June 6th.

J-Live - "It Don't Stop"

Said it before and I'll say it again: I am a J-Live fan. Went to see The Roots and a bunch of other acts (including this new kid Eminem) at The Tunnel way back when for a Lyricist Lounge show with my boy Goonan (happy birthday kid). When we left, I saw the man behind "Braggin Writes", and had to give him his due. Goonan kind of blows it off, and when the emcee walked away he says "who was that?", thinking it was someone from college, and when I told him it was J Live you would have thought that I just told him he missed a chance to talk to Macaulay Culkin (he LOVED Home Alone 2).

The Best Part - all 94 different versions I have heard it in - is one of my favorite albums. I wasn't crazy with the production on most of J's tracks following the first LP, but you could never argue with the fact that dude pretty much murders every mic he touches. This track is off of his new album, Then What Happened. Nothing crazy. Just dope. Give it a test drive. Download it!

Audio Two vs. Air - "Top Billin" (Danger Mouse remix)

Let me please go on the record as stating that a song like "Top Billin'" can never be re-done. So I don't post this to compare the two. I just think Danger Mouse did his thing on the beat, and it's a nice compliment to the original. This one is courtesy of DJ Wex. Props over there. Download it!

Main Source - "The Atom"

The same way "Ism and Blues" wasn't on Hard 2 Obtain's Ism and Blues, "The Atom" wasn't on Breaking Atoms. Very dope track. I was in the mood for some Large Pro, so here you go. Download it!

Have a good weekend people.

Happy birthday to my little brother Evan. The big 2-7 kid!



Blogger rdj. also known as daniel. said...

...and the way "Houses Of The Holy" wasn't on Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy".

11:53 AM  
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