Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 74


Here is Diggedy on Halloween two years ago:

No, I did not roll with this guy... but we did run into each other on the street.. Brothers in arms.

Be very grateful that this is where the picture cuts off, because my shorts did not go any further. Shout out to Selleck.

Yes, I love this Halloween sh*t... I'll be in the parade tonight, so tune on NY1 and look for the host you know and love.

Here are the choice tracks for this Friday, October 31st...

Biggie Smalls featuring Method Man - "The What" (original version)

Weird giving this a listen.. Beat is the same, Meth's verses are the same, but Biggie's are different.. Definitely worth having in your collection.. Download it!

Cella Dwellas featuring Inspektah Deck - "Verbal Slaughter"

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know they dropped the Cella for this album.. But they'll always be the Cella Dwellas to me.. This is a dope a** track off the second album.. I'll never forget the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college... This was 1997.. We went up 4th of July weekend to have a bbq at our new house (we had all lived on campus our first two years).. Our first night there, we end up at a Binghamton club.. Binghamton, NY in July.. Well.. Let's just say it's not really thick with people at that time.. We go to the club, and there are about 22 people there, our crew included.. My boy Drew Boogie goes to the bar, comes back, and says "yo.. the Cella Dwellas are here chilling".. My response was somewhere along the lines of "yeah?? that's crazy man.. I just ran into Group Home in the bathroom.." Before this could continue, who should walk across the dance floor? Ug and Phantasm.. My favorite part of the whole experience was how they acted like us coming up and giving them a pound was a common experience in upstate NY.. All bueno.. Download it!

The Arsonists - "AEIOU"

I was actually thinking of posting "Everyday's Halloween", but I'm pretty sure I posted that some time ago... But it got me in an Arsonist frame of mind, so I figured I'd post this.. This track is pretty f*cking ridiculous..This group, at full capacity, should have blown the f up.. Seriously.. Their live show was unmatched, and they had joints for days like this... You really need to be downloading this..

Have a good weekend party people.


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