Thursday, August 18, 2005

upcoming shows

hey there folks...

although not HHK, here's some upcoming hiphop shows to check out:

8/30/05 - Ultramagnetic MCs & Ice-T @ SOB's
9/15/05 - Little Brother, J-Live, Rhymefest @ BB Kings
9/16/05 - Atmosphere, Blueprint, Brother Ali @ Irving Plaza
9/17/05 - Pete Rock, Cannibal Ox, C-Rayz Walz @ Rothko
9/22/05 - Arrested Development @ SOB's
9/22/05 - Big Daddy Kane (VH1 Hip Hop Honors after party) @ BB Kings
10/09/05 - Ghostface @ BB Kings

I'll be at most of these i think. so there's that.



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