Friday, December 16, 2005


hey peoples. it's been a minute since i've updated this here good ol' blog. so here i am to blabber.

soooo.... i've found myself listening to a lot of old Wu lately, and i've come to realize that their music was pretty much the central soundtrack to my adolescence. my pops had lynyrd skynyrd and the charlie daniels band... and i had liquid swords and cuban linx. and what's funny is... i could probably draw a lot of similarites between those. but seriously, i can literally remember sitting in the back of my algebra class in high school, pressing my headphones to my ears, trying to not to get caught getting my first listen of "ironman". clear as day. ahh, the good ol' days.

that's why music is so beautiful... it's one of the few mass mediums out there that really still makes me feel something... forms a lasting impression, causes conversation, etc. i think that's why people love HHK... it really brings you back to those moments in your childhood when you were first discovering your love of the beats. and everytime those classic loops drop at HHK, i see the reaction in peoples faces.

ok, this is turning into fucking sap ... shake it off wex, shake it off... ok...

speaking of the wu, here's a mp3 of Rae, GZA, Deck, and U-God backed by a live band performing some of their classics for XM Radio. It's pretty fucking dope. also, i recently purchased two new wu songs for HHK: "wu-tang clan ain't nuthin ta f' wit" & "can it be all so simple". two 36 chambers bangas. they'll be on the song list shortly.

also, i know you all are waiting on the last HHK's pictures. but trust me, they'll be up on the site shortly. they take a hot minute to process and life gets hectic.... but they're coming asap promise!

our New Year's Eve party has been getting some press love lately. It was mentioned on the front page of citysearch, is featured in the current double issue of timeout, etc. Tickets are selling well too... so if you're needing an affordable hip hop solution to your NYE plans... look no further than It's one of the best deals in the city, period.

thanks for listening. happy holiday shopping. yowza.



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