Thursday, March 23, 2006

oh snap!

wex knows a good idea when he see's one:

nice work, yo!!

other HHK news for your stankin' asses...

- HHK is joining forces with Sirius Radio, yet again, on April 24th (8pm) for a very special 2 hour long, live radio special. More info to come soon... but we're working hard to make sure that this is the most entertaining 2 hours of radio you've heard in a hot minute.
-also, looks like HHK is going to be enlisted by the annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (held at the historic Tobacco Warehouse on Saturday, June 24th, 2006) this year to create the official afterparty for the festival... location, times, details, etc... all of that coming in the next couple weeks. The festival line-up hasn't been officially announced yet... but from what i'm hearing... the headliner is going to be right up our alley.

more later fools...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fpr something similar to this, you should consider coming to some of the events at the Skirball Center (566 LaGuardia Place/Washington Square South) April 3-15 during our Fest Forward Hip Hop Unbound festival. The festival is comprised of various events including performances, workshops, retrospectives, turntablism, beatboxing, rapping and rhyming, music, dance, theater, video, fashion, and community. We are bringing in professionals in all these feilds for workshops, performances, and retrospectives. General admission for most events is $15. For more information check out: or

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks homie. ya'll should've reached out to us to be apart of this!


4:15 PM  

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