Tuesday, March 14, 2006


this is kind of random. but we've noticed that a lot of people in Phoenix check out our website. naturally, since our event happens in new york city, we find this interesting. so if you're reading this and you're in Phoenix, and you can help us understand the mystery... hollerade.

now... just to make this post not completely useless...

if any of ya'll didn't know, hip hop exec Chris Lighty maintains a blog at www.chrislighty.com. this week's post addresses an interesting phenom of the lack of demand for "golden era" hip hop performances. since HHK prides itself as somewhat of a "golden era" hip hop experience... I found this noteworthy.

"I am back. I have a question since we all have been consumed with the bad news in hip hop lets take a station break from that and talk about where is "hip hop" going with it's veteran artists? The Rolling Stones can come out every year and gross a 100 million plus tour and go and hang out where ever it is rockers hang out for the rest of the year and sip on their pina coladas. We have grown up as a culture and as adults but we have few main stays from the "golden era" of "hip hop" that can go out and tour. As this generation grows older we are coming to a cross roads of what concerts we will be going to see in the next decade. Will we who have hip hop children,neices and nephews,etc. think its cool to be going to concerts with our youngsters? I know my daughter wants to see the 50 cent or Jay z concert just as much as I do but I am the exception not the rule. I want to see Big Daddy Kane but the demand is slowly evolving for these kind of concerts of the dare i say it "old school artists" but its an absolutely far and in between event. We have to remember that we owe alot to the artists that have paved the way and we should support any show that revels in the glory of hip hop from the pioneers. I listen to Basckspin on Sirius as much as Hot 97 because I enjoy the music. Who will the first hip hop act to play vegas like the other icons in the business? I know this isn't the exciting dirt of the industry but its definitely something we have to think about because hip hop is the game of the young but if we don't solidify the base from the past we aren't going to have a strong future. Let's not go the way of the Jazz musicians of the past. Also I want to say i do see and read your notes and I thank you for the positive and negative. I dont jump back into the discussions as if I did it would become a free for all and we can't have that!!!" - www.chrislighty.com



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kane should be in DEMAND now, more than ever, especially after the 2005 VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors. I'm the biggest Kane fan there is (ever since 1988), and I've seen him perform 4 times in the NYC area last year, and each one topped the next performance (to say the least). Kane is truly my favorite MC, and in my opinion, the greatest of all-time. I'm sure you'll be able to catch him when he comes around. If you need more info about him, join the free Yahoo group (just click on my name). Peace out!

PS - I'm still trying to make it to one of your joints down on Rivington to do my rendition of "Warm It Up, Kane" ...I just wished you guys did it more than one Friday per month, but I definitely can't wait til' next month to get down w/ the hiphopkaraokenyc crew. keep up the good work!

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

word manny. you are dealing with some of the biggest Kane fans/supporters around, here at HHK. only wish we could find more of his instrumentals... would love to have more Kane on the song list!

10:43 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

speaking of golden era, any chance of working any of the following into the sign up period mix?

epmd - so watchin sayin
nice & smooth - no delayin
newcleus - jam on it

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn charlie, now you're trying to shape the dj wex super crazy sign-up period mega mix, c'mon kick it? we'll see, my man. :o)

2:26 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

ah yeah, drizunk bloggin is the best bloggin.

never ever would attempt to even come close to shaping the mega mix. that would be like me telling pedro when to throw the hook.

i'm feeling religion tonight so must quote following line - name that tune -

i kicks the flava like steven king writes horror. if i was a jew then i'd light the menorah ...

wut up phoenix. by the time i get to

12:11 AM  
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