Friday, March 17, 2006


it's friday.


in celebration of the end of the work week and... let's not forget St. Patty's Day... here's a few jams that you can turn up loud today...

Capone & Noreaga - Invincible (this is one of my fav primo beats)
Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of Kane (this one is for you Charlie, if you don't already have it)
Big L - Put It On (dangermouse remix)

have a good weekend peoples.

mad love from the hhk crew.



Blogger Charlie said...

nice. muchas gracias. definitely going to be putting that mp3 to use. i have that track, but only on cassette.

shame saint patrick blessed me with the flu this weekend. fortunately i have several days to recover before the april edition of hhk.

1:33 PM  
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