Thursday, July 13, 2006

get onboard!

a week from today, Hip Hop Karaoke will take place aboard the "Half Moon"!!!

it's going to be the first (and possibly last??) time that:

- HHK will be a competition ($200 1st place, $100 2nd place, $50 3rd place). So bring your A-game people, we're expecting some crazy performances.
- HHK will be on the water! you're first and last opportunity to make sure that lady liberty hears you spit "public enemy #1". what!?!

there are still a few DISCOUNTED tickets available. please go to and use the access code JIGGA (in all caps) to get a $5 discount off the ticket price. quite the bargain.

if you've never been on a rocks off concert cruise... here's what you can expect:

"The cruise leaves from 23rd Street & FDR Drive (East River) It heads south along the East River and passes underneath the 3 major bridges (Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn) then cruises through NY Harbor and "parks" at the Statue of Liberty for Approximately 30 minutes. It then cruises through the harbor some more and heads back under the bridges. The cruise offers extraordinary views of downtown Manhattan & Brooklyn, The Statue of Liberty, and New Jersey. The Half Moon is a 2 level boat, with a full bar and bathrooms on the lower level. HHK is on the upper level, which has a roof, but is open on the sides. There is also and open deck on the upper level where smoking is allowed".

get them tickets!

oh ya, the MAY PHOTOS are now up on the site. we're really sorry that it took so long to get them up there...

dj wex.


Blogger Charlie said...

how bout dem props son? belding made lead off may foto.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

yo yo. how can i stage the battle, volume two? my contestants would be -

1) it'z a setup - gang starr and hannibal

2) tried by 12 - east flatbush project

it's on.

11:19 PM  
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