Saturday, November 11, 2006

it's a saturday... it's a saturday...

looking forward to tonight... Hip Hop Karaoke at the Knitting Factory!

it's been so nice and relaxing not having to rush from work downtown to start setting up for HHK. i've been lounging around my apt all day... watching dvr's of "ice-t's rap school" (all i have to say is: wow)... snackin on fig newtons... listening to the freshly leaked "kingdom come" (don't sweat me... i'ma buy it too)... you know... the usual.

i tell ya one thing... i'm especially looking forward to BLEEP's performance of BLE' BLEEP BLE' BLEEPS tonight... let's just hope our compadre doesn't show up to THIS event bent.

i got the giants tomorrow in the office pool.... am i crazy?? i know diggedy must have picked them too...

anyway... see ya'll tonight... 10pm!




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