Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 2

Hope to see everyone out on Sunday for HHK.

Here are the choice cuts for this cold February 16th.

Shyheim featuring Big L - "Furious Anger"

Being the anniversary of Big L's untimely passing, I wanted to make sure he was included in this edition. Most people remember Shyheim as "the kid down with the Wu Tang". He released "On and On", and unless you were a hardcore fan, he basically fell off your radar. He put out 3 additional albums after the debut (I never heard the recent The Greatest Story Never Told). The other two were somewhat respectable efforts. This track featuring Big L is off of 1999's Manchild.

Lootpack featuring Rasco - "Weededed (remix)"

1999's Soundpieces : Da Antidote! always gets play in my CD player. This track is actually a remix that's not on the album. I always remember how pissed I was when I saw that The Source gave it 2 1/2 mics (might have even been 2). Ironically, I might not have necessarily disagreed with them if all albums were rated on the same scale. The Madlib beats on this LP were fresh, but every song was essentially about wack emcees and weed. If every review held records up to the highest standards, it would have been acceptable. But there was absolute shit getting 3's and 4's. I felt like Lootpack were unnecessarily used as a guinea pigs for a truly critical review, and based on how they were reviewing albums at that time, if something got a 2 1/2 you were flat out not checking for it. Anyway, I recommend the album, and highly recommend downloading this breezy west coast track.

Redman - "I See Dead People"

I think this was on a soundtrack, but I'm not positive. It's clever as fuck, and a shame that not more people have heard it. It's produced by Eminem (exactly what you'd expect, except it works here), and sprinkles in deceased rappers with Redman's lyrics. I'll take this over an M. Knight Bruce Willis collabo any day of the week.


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