Wednesday, April 25, 2007

iron man.

he's insane.

at his prime, unbeatable.

his video game on nes is top 5 of all-time.

we all know this stuff.

he's also been mentioned in a billzillion rap songs.

wex wednesday's presents some of those references:

1. LL Cool J on "I'm Bad": I'm like Tyson, icin/I'm a soldier at war/Makin sure you don't try to battle me no more
2. Kool G. Rap on "Poison": With Polo and while he's slicin/I'll turn the mic's last name into Tyson
3. Nas on "The World is Yours": They locked the champ up leavin my brains in handcuffs/Headed for Indiana, stabbin women like the phantom
4. Big Daddy Kane on "Put Your Weight On It": My sharp tongue is like a license/I strike like Mike Tyson, I be icin
5. Ghostface Killah on "Holocaust": Unfaithfully married to rap, we been engaged for 12 years/Tyson bit Holyfield ear, we love the sport

there's more, what are they!

honorable mentions to the fresh prince, canibus, spoonie gee, etc.

be easy.



Blogger Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

EPMD, The Big Payback (from Unfinished Business)

Plus I'm strikin' like lightnin'/throwin' blows like Tyson/Slayin' mc's on the q-t, sorta like a sniper

1:58 PM  
Blogger Russ the Bus said...

The Liks- Hip Hop Drunkies
You the king in the chair on my ground/The Tyson of sound, it's twenty seconds to a round

Ludacris- #1 Spot
Luda- #1 spot
Nobody light-skinded reppin harder since Ice-T/You disagree, take the Tyson approach and bite me!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bitch, I'm comin out swingin, so fast it'll make your eyes spin/
You gettin knocked the fuck out like Mike Tyson"

- M. Mathers - "Just don't Give a F*ck"

"Word to Mike Tyson, hit you quick like lightnin/Swing my left jab first, and then come in with the right"

- K. Elam - "F.A.L.A."

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"With precision we're slicin' and dicin';
Peace to the East, New York, perverted monks, and Mike Tyson."

---Jeru "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers"

3:45 PM  
Blogger Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

It doesn't mention Tyson by name, but gives him a show of support:

"I'm a legend, on top of that I'm livin'/Now you look booty like that bum Miss Givens."

Uncle L, "Jinglin' Baby"

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You spurred one of my Top 5 lines in hip-hop:

"I'm on some Mike Tyson ex-wife shit kid/Thats how I'm livin'/Cause when I start robbin'/You'd better start givin'"

- Akinyele, "The Robbery Song"

6:06 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

guillotine/swordz - raekwon - mike tyson of this rap shit, pullin out macs for fun

9:24 PM  
Blogger Russ the Bus said...

Nas-Cant Forget About You

"Nothing gives me chills like Douglas and Tyson"

8:54 AM  
Blogger Kev frum BROOKLYN! said...

"Xzibit ready to scrap, like Mike Tyson with his license back"

Xzhibit on Snoop's Bitch Please

11:15 AM  
Blogger Russ the Bus said...

yo! good call kev. i just heard that sonf last night on xm. i was thinking it'd be a dope karaoke joint too.

11:19 AM  

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