Friday, April 06, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 9

Tonight is the Super Bowl.

Consider this the pre-game tailgate party.

Fire up the grill. Bust out the Heinekens. And crank up the benzi box with these choice cuts for Friday, April 6th.

Ghostface featuring The Theodore Unit - "Guerilla Hood"

This track was released on the Theodore Unit album/mix 718. If you're a fan of Ghost, you'll love this. It was inspired by the recent Wexford Wednesday's about sports greats. This name drops my sports idol, Don Mattingly. Not to mention a shout out to Don Baylor. All you need is a shout to Steve Balboni and you have the greatest song. Ever. Of all time. In the history of people. DOWNLOAD IT!

Ground Floor - "One, Two"

I get a lot of fanmail from all over the world here at Weekend At Diggedy's. A majority of the handwritten (sometimes scented) letters are begging, pleading, hoping against all hope, that I will post some Ground Floor for them. That day has come sports fans! Here's the deal. I do not know much about Ground Floor. I know they were down with Lord Finesse, and that he did a joint with them called "Dig On That". I do know this : their track, "One, Two" was my holy grail. Remember back in the cassette and radio days, when you'd hear a track you love, SCRAMBLE for the Maxwell/TDK/whathaveyou and record it praying you weren't dubbing over something important? That happened with this song, only I just caught the last 2 minutes of it. I sat by radio for hours, days, weeks, waiting for this f*cking song to come back on. No store had it. Napster came around, no dice. It didn't exist other than those 2 minutes on tape that had been worn to smithereens. I had given up, until the wonderful world of blogs reunited me with that track in it's entirety. I had no idea the song even had a video ( I'm making a motion to reinstate hockey jerseys and Helly Hansen's. Is you with me? OH YEAH! DOWNLOAD IT!

Redman - "Smoke A Blunt Too '94"

I know we've got a lot of Redman fans at HHK. This was an unreleased promo, and Red murders it. "Take off those LA Gears cause I'm about to light yo ass up." Haha. I remember hearing a story about some dude who rocked those, committed a crime, and was trying to run from the police in the woods, in the dark, with the shoes lighting up the whole time. By the way, what's up with these kids all having sneakers that morph into skates? I'm walking through the mall, and see kids who two seconds ago were walking, gliding over to me. Scares the s*it out of me. I think I'm under attack. Speaking of which, to the mom from the Queens Center Mall (you know who you are), I'm sorry for kicking your kid in the head. I hope the Cinnabon made him feel better. Peep the Tame 1 cameo. Download it!

See everyone tonight.

Let's school that ass like St. John's!