Friday, April 27, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 12

And we at it again, and we at it again.................

Party people in the place to be.. I wish I could say it's a glorious Friday, but the overcast sky has me thinking and moving a step too slow this morning/afternoon.

Alright. I just had a brownie from Hale & Hearty. I'm good to go.

Nothing crazy really happened this week. I saw a screening of this flick, "Superbad." It's written by Seth Rogen (actor in 40 Year Old Virgin, Freaks & Geeks). He's in it, along with the kid from Arrested Development and tons of other people you know when you see them. The movie was flat-out hysterical. B-A-N-A-N-A-S Bananas (shout out to Kelly on The Office). If you liked 40 Year Old Virgin, you will like this. J New had a chance to roll, but he's not seeing sh*t unless it has subtitles. He's that type of dude. Anyway, see it when it drops.


Matt Fingaz feat Just Blaze, The Game, Large Pro, & Talib Kweli - "1 Degree Of Me"

Matt's bounced around the underground scene for quite a while now. I really only knew him as a producer (back when his name was Fingatip)with The Aboriginals, Mike Zoot, etc. I didn't even know he rapped until I heard a song with him, Wizdom Life, and Talib Kweli called "Fruits Of Labor". Then, a couple of years later, I see him onstage with Large Pro opening for the Roots at Lincoln Center. Hadn't really heard anything from him since until I was turned on to this new track. Simply put, the sh*t is fresh. And for those of you afraid to try something new, there should be a guest on this song that appeals to you. What the hell are you waiiiiiiiiiiiiting for? DOWNLOAD IT!

Akinyele - "Yo"

Since I clowned on J New, it's only right I redeem myself by dropping some Ak on the blog. Newman loves Ak. I think he wrote his college thesis on Lefrak, Queens. I can't blame him. Ak, when he wants to be (see Vagina Diner), is dopeness. My boy Drew Boogie grew up with Ak, and got me addicted to his debut album when I was in high school. When DJ Album Cuts - yours truly - ever gets on the wheels of steel, "Da Bomb" is always his go-to party starter record. This is an unreleased track, and Ak murders it. DOWNLOAD IT!

Hi Tech feat J Treads - "Weak Minds"

I mean, again. The whole reason I do this, is to hopefully put people on to sh*t they might not be familiar with. I'm only really aware of a couple of songs from Hi Tech. While he does his thing on this track, the bread and butter is J Treads. Growing up during the 89tech9 era, his verse on this song was always one of my favorites. Back then, Treads, Co Flow, and Breezly Brewin of the Juggaknotts formed The Indelibles. Basically, it had all the makings of an undergound Wu Tang. They did a couple of joints, but then all went their separate ways. God. I'm realizing this song is at least 10 years old. There was a time when we'd all sit around and say "this is the future of rap." Yeesh.

Hope everyone enjoys the tracks.

Have a good weekend.


Blogger rdj. also known as daniel. said...

J-Treds is dope. One of my fave lines of all time is him on Co.Flow's "The Fire In Which You Burn":

'Cause on the mic I've got more presence than attendance in a class of schizophrenics / Here, here."

He's a master of double entendres.

Oh, and I was Seth Rogen's summer camp counsellor in 1997. No joke, He's a Vancouver boy. We had a crazy forest adventure that summer when another kid in the group sprained her ankle and from the way she reacted we thought it was dislocated it and she freaked out and me and this Israeli kid had to jog out of the trail to try and find help and we got lost and had forgotten to bring food and it started raining and a bunch of kids got hypothermia and we got rescued by a Search and Rescue team and it made the papers. Seth handled it with his characteristic good humour, from what I remember. He was a stand-up comic at age 14, and a very good one, too. We all knew he was destined for something good. But even 40-Year Virgin blew my mind.

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