Friday, May 04, 2007

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 13

Friday the 13th, I'ma play Diggedy..........

Well it's not actually Friday the 13th. But it is Friday, and it is the 13th installment of Weekend At Diggedy's.

Break out your mouse pads people!

Cause DJ Album Cuts is about to take you on a hip hop ride (copyright Da Youngsta's).

Xzibit featuring Mobb Deep - "Eyes May Shine" (remix)

Did you guys know that the guy who hosts Pimp My Ride used to rap??? Yep, it's true. Not only that, he used to be GOOD. Xzibit's first album has always been certifiably DOPE to me. Freshness to the highest power, infinite degree, and "all of that shit." A lot of people liked his second album, but I found it highly forgettable save for a couple of tracks. After that, that was all she wrote for me. But I'll always have At The Speed Of Life. This is a nice little Queens meets west remix off of that album. Very, very dope.

House Of Pain featuring Diamond D - "Word Is Bond" (remix)

I never really was a House Of Pain "fan" per se, but they always managed to have a few joints where I had to say "alright.. Everlast really isn't that dope, but this track is banging". I didn't really think that the original "Word Is Bond" could be topped off Same As It Ever Was. The singing sample in the background on that joint was unreal. You know what? F*ck it. SPECIAL WEEKEND AT DIGGEDY'S BONUS CUT. HERE IS THE ORIGINAL. THESE PRICES ARE INSANE!
Anyway, I heard the remix, and Diamond done did it again. Very dope track. I never knew if my friends were f*cking with me or not, but they said that Bobbito would play both versions and cut out Everlast's verses. True or not, it made me laugh. Anyway, DOWNLOAD IT! Or should I say, THEM!

Black Sheep - "On The Wall"

One of my favorite Black Sheep tracks ever. This was off the Trespass soundtrack. Pretty straight forward. Dres being Dres, Lawnge being Lawnge. Let the fun begin! Love when the hook comes in. Just want to start punching people. COME ON! GET UP! Trespass had a pretty decent soundtrack. Couple of dope tracks from Lord Finesse and Gangstarr. Oh man, "Gotta Get Over" was my SHIT when it dropped. My home skillet Drew Boogie and I would walk around with a boom box playing that 24/7. That was our "walking music." Ahhh, the good ol' days.

Alright people.

Diggedy signing off.

Have a good weekend.


Blogger Charlie said...

best weekend at diggedy's yet ... excluding the cuts against house of pain however.

12:24 PM  
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