Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 24

Nice evening at Angels and Kings last night...

Always good to be able to sit down and build with you folks.

Then go play some Zhigge.

When I left at about 2:30am, and un-named HHK veteran was still in the process of trying to "close the deal." I hope all your dreams came true homey, and that the digits don't take you to a disconnected place.

On to the choice cuts for this Friday, July 20th.

Phil The Agony, Xzibit, Snagglepuss, and The Alkaholiks - "No Hand Outs"

This song came out in the mid 90's. I had it forever on cassette, the sh*t broke somehow, and I finally found it online. Snagglepuss steals the show. Love his verse. Every time I listen to it I say "the cream of the land has arrrriiiiived" over and over again for weeks. My friends LOVE that. Nothing really more to say. It's a dope track. Download it! Or be like Dee Phunk and don't (ahhh the revelations that happen at Angels and Kings on a weekly basis)!

Redman - "Whateva Man" (Pete Rock remix)

Not the best quality - it's taken from Pete and Marley's Future Flavors show - but I know we have a lot of Redman fans out there. Man, I miss listening to good radio. I used to have a fresh TDK in my tape deck at ALL times, just ready to tape something the second it came on. Computers just ain't the same. Please to enjoy.

L Swift & Mr. Voodoo (of Natural Elements) - "New York Live Promo"

The HHK gang was discussing the crew last night, so I felt like throwing this up. We not only discussed the force that was Natural E, but also DJ Mayhem, Riz, Martin Moore the Superstar, and the whole NY Live, Club 89 (89.1) crew. Every Wednesday and Thursday. 10:30pm - 1am they laid the treats down for us kids. My Thursday nights were basically me in front of my radio from 10:30 - 5am, switching over to 89 tech 9 at 1am.




Have a good weekend peoples.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show. I heard it by accident one night and that was all she wrote. Fondest memory was calling up and trying to battle Method Man one night when the Wu first introduced Protect Ya Neck. If I ever would've got through that night....

2:42 PM  
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