Friday, January 04, 2008

Weekend At Diggedy's - Volume 44


It's been a while!

Did you miss me???


F*ck you then.

What's up world. Hope everyone had a very delicious holiday, and a wonderfully happy new year.

We're looking to do big things are at the HHK Headquarters for the 2008 and beyond. We hope you come along for the journey as we look to preserve our childhood one mic at a time.

On to the choice cuts for this cold, but not as cold as yesterday, January 4th.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad featuring Chip Fu - "Lord Can I Have This Mercy"

I have to give the world's biggest shout out to my man Drew Boogie on this one. I had heard this song as a snippet a couple of years ago, and was never able to find the full version. Drew punched a few keys, and boom, here it is. It almost gets him off the hook for "borrowing" my Timbs in college. By borrow, I mean, took them home during Christmas break. In 1997. Haven't seen them since. That was also the same break that he left the iron on in a milk crate over our fridge before he left. We came back from the holidays and there was an iron size hole in the crate, the iron had fallen to the floor burning through the fridge's plug, shorting it out, thus destroying the fridge yet miraculously not burning down the building. And yet, the iron continued to work just fine, save for the rubber we had to scrape off of it. You have never seen anyone iron their shit more than Drew and I. That was probably more important to us than the fridge working again. Sure it was hard going through the rest of the semester keeping sodas on the window ledge to keep them cold. But damn our gear was wrinkle free. Where the f*ck was I? Oh yeah, "Lord Can I Have This Mercy". Crazy beat. Chip Fu kills it. Download it!

Xzibit vs. Radiohead - "Paparazzi"

Shout out to DJ Wexington Esquire III for this track. This is off of a record Wex has of Danger Mouse's early production work. Track is crazy. I was a huge fan of the original version. One of my favorite concert moments : I somehow ended up at Jones Beach for an Eminem concert (long story), where Xzibit was the opening act. The crowd was only just starting to file in (they were in the parking lot waiting for Papa Roach and Eminem). I was towards the front, and the section was basically empty. X gets towards the end of his set, and a sound I never expected to come from the speakers began to permeate the air : violins. He launches into "Paparazzi", and I went ape-poopy. I stand up and start reciting the lyrics like this was 5 years later at HHK. I cannot imagine what the uninterested people rows behind me were saying. "Who is this d*ckhead, and why is he acting like this song is 'Lose Yourself'?" After someone threw Dippin' Dots at me, I took my seat. But it was a wonderful moment. Download it! (The song, not the moment. That's in my heart. Which can't be downloaded. Unless you're Samantha Micelli. Call me.)

Blue Scholars - "Inkwell (Crashed Cop-Car Remix)"

Blue Scholars are a duo out of Seattle. Get familiar! This is a dope track sampling Modest Mouse. Download it!

Enjoy the schmorgusborg of tracks.

Enjoy your weekend.

Go G-men.


Blogger Charlie said...

paparazzi joint - best w/e @ d item ever.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chip-Fu is awesome.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Kev frum BROOKLYN! said...

bring back the fu-schnickens...or at least chip-fu.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xzibit on that first album and on killin it, off of the Liks 3rd album, Likwidation, had me thinking he would be the best emcee ever.

I like modest mouse- "Everybody. whoooa whooooooo"

2:20 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

old X is the only west coast that's ever really moved me. the kind of shit that's sometimes in your head when you wake up in the morning.

7:53 AM  
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