Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 45

One week.

Next Friday.

This is bigger than Cloverfield people. Do you have your tickets yet?????

GET 'EM WHILE THEY ARE $12!! Remember, they are $15 day of show.

I'm back with another edition of Weekend at Diggedy's. In honor of my NY FOOTBALL GIANTS, this week will be focused strictly on New York emcees. My apologies to all rappers hailing from the Green Bay area. You get no shine on the blog this week.

On to the choice cuts for this Friday, January 18th.

The Arsonists - "Halloween"

Unfortunately, this mp3 cuts off before the song officially ends, it's the edited version, and it skips at one point. What do you want from me? I didn't rip the mp3. But if based on all of this I'm still posting it, it must be good right?? I thought The Arsonists were destined to be the next Wu. Their live show was bananas. I guess it wasn't to be. But you should definitely check it out.

Trigger The Gambler feat DV Alias Christ - "Hitman For Hire" (OG version)

One half of the Smith brothers, this track is a different version than the one found on his hard to find LP. It's fresh. This received plenty of burn in the Diggedy walkman. Plus, you've got the east coast Nate Dogg on the hook and adlibs. You cannot go wrong people. Download it!

Percee P featuring Diamond - "2 Brothers From The Gutter"

Have you spent your whole life waiting, hoping, PRAYING, that someone would sample the video game Contra? Wait no longer. For years my little brother and I tried to beat the game without needing the 30 lives. Couldn't do it. My brother was the king of dying early and then taking over my leftover lives. Up up down down left right left right B A B A select start. And I can't remember sh*t about algebra. Don't have a one track mind. Download it? Yes, you may.

Have a good weekend people.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered what game that wasand couldn'r figure out that of my favs. HHk shindigs at bars, classic. Murray was my MVP, K-Dot-co MVP.

1:54 AM  

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