Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hip Hop Lives.



You know what... I'm not going to even write anything. I'm going to let XXL Magazine sum it up, as they've already done it so beautifully:

Hip Hop Lives...

For this weekend I suppose some of you meatwads are cranking your illegal downloads of Biggie Smalls catalog in celebration of his death. I wish that Hip-Hop didn’t have such a love for celebrating the day that our artists are taken from us. Instead we should celebrate their birth or at least the release date of their classic albums.

In the case of Biggie I don’t think we celebrate his passing as much since I bump Biggie shit all year long. Lord knows how many times we hear his verses quoted wholesale in Jay-Z lyrics. If you are in NYC this weekend and you are a Notorious B.I.G. fan I invite you to partake in Hip-Hop Karaoke’s annual tribute to the legend.

Hip-Hop Karaoke is actually saving Hip-Hop. Imagine if you can, a few hundred people in a room that all love the essence of Hip-Hop’s rap music. People sign up and get on stage and attempt to go line for line with their favorite rap songs. Hip-Hop Karaoke reminds me why I love rap music in the first place. The lyrical dexterity of some of the greatest rappers can’t be truly appreciated until you attempt to perform their song in front of five hundred people.

I’m not just talking about a song from Twista, which is nearly impossible to duplicate, but try to recite any random Kool G Rap song or even Busta’s most energetic anthems and you will see that real good rap music is done by professionals. Hip-Hop Karaoke is like church in a way because it brings people together on some spiritual shit. For last years’ B.I.G. tribute O.C. came through and did a few songs including ‘Unbelievable’.

The best part of Hip-Hop Karaoke is that it is the ONLY Hip-Hop party in NYC that is totally FREE on a Saturday night. You can’t beat that with a baseball bat. So if you are in the mood to convene with a few hundred like-minded Hip-Hop fans you should come up from your parent’s basement and into Manhattan tomorrow night. My fat ass may even get on stage and do ‘Juicy’.

R.I.P. Biggie Smalls.

Hip-Hop Karaoke
Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., NYC
Saturday, March 8
Doors/Sign-up @ 10, show at 11
As always, FREE to enter, FREE to sign-up

massive props to XXL for being one of a few who really "get it". thank you.

see you tonight,



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hey my name is Adrienne. I attended the Biggie tribute on March 8! I performed Hypnotize. That was my first time EVER!!! It wa a great feeling and the energy was high!!! which made my nervousness subside.. i had a great time and def will come back again. I wonder who won though....

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Another satisfied first timer, another reason why HHK is the ish....

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