Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend at Diggedy's - Volume 63

Is it me? Do I have very sensitive hands?

Wherever you are... Whether it's my peoples in New York and New Jeru... The WAD fans in Wausau, WI that wrote in thanking me for posting a Troubleneck Brothers track a few months ago...Or anywhere on this planet we call Earth.. I am SURE you have a bagel store along the lines of a Pick A Bagel, Cafe Metro, Pax, etc.

Basically.. There's a long line of people, and about 4 staff members... One takes your order, you wait, get your food, and go pay.. Anytime I go in there, and order the toasted everything bagel with butter, they throw it on the toaster, lather it with butter, wrap it with aluminum foil, then hand it to me..The tin foil, becomes hot as F*CK, and feels like I'm putting my hand on a stove just for kicks.. Is it just me? There were 3 people ahead of me online and NOWHERE to rest it, so I kept taking turns with each hand balancing it against the glass case with the 900 cream cheese's I'll never try... Each time it felt like my hand was going to melt, I switched... I'm going to have to start ordering with Freezy Freakies on.

That's right people. What I'm talking bout ya'll is hip hop.

On to the choice cuts for this Friday, June 27th! I'm going to be in Jersey tomorrow, so let's do a Jersey edition!

Redman - "Jersey Yo!"

This is a re-make of Ice Cube's "Once Upon A Time In The Projects" off of Malpractice... Red is bugging the f*ck out on this track... Not much more to say on it.. You need to just download it.. But since I'm on the subject of Red.. Did anyone ever see the prank show they did on MTV years ago called Stung? There were some truly classic moments on that show.. This is one of my favorite skits, where they fooled several beatboxers.. You need to just WATCH IT!

The Artifacts featuring Busta Rhymes - "C'mon Wit Da Git Down (remix)"

How am I going to do a Jersey tribute and not put an Artifacts track up?! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I HEART Between A Rock and A Hard Place. If you don't own it, GO OUT AND GET IT. F*ck. Getting me all pissed off and sh*t. As if the original couldn't be topped (OMG. WAIT A SECOND. WEEKEND AT DIGGEDY'S SPECIAL BONUS CUT TIME!!!!!! HERE IS THE ORIGINAL: , they go and smooth it out and bring in Busta Rhymes before Webster's dictionary changed the definition of remix to read:

transitive verb
: to mix again, usually featuring 16 bars from Busta Rhymes at the end of the song, possibly roaring like a dungeon dragon. see: "ludacris"

It's actually pretty funny.. It's such a mellow beat.. And Busta rolls with that on the hook.. But even he finds a way to wild out on this... It's fresh as f*ck, though, so DOWNLOAD IT!

Poor Righteous Teachers - "Can I Start This"

Last, but certainly not least, the PRT posse. I think I told this story once, but I will tell it again for those who haven't gone back and read Volume 1-63. I could not stop playing "Rock Dis Funky Joint" when I was a kid. So... When I was away at sleepaway camp, I asked my mom to get me the Holy Intellect album... Like the wonderful mother she was (and is), she went to the store, got it, and mailed it to me.. I always wonder what the look on the clerks face was when she put that cassette on the counter.. Anyway, this is the first track off of that album, and I used to flip this track OVER and OVER and OVER again back in the day.. Now.. YOU CAN TOO!

Have a great weekend people.



Blogger Sugar In Tha Face said...

Is that dude in the Stung clip really named Matty B? Looks more like Mr. J Newman prior to his buzz cut...

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, it's you.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

once upon a time up in jersey yo,
I damn near had to wreck a ho....funny as all hell.

6:28 PM  
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