Thursday, August 25, 2005

Music You Will Like, Vol. 1

So yeah, i'm not the most technologically savvy person -- I still rock a Discman while clumsily holding 5 discs in my hand and just learned what Netflix was a little while ago -- but I just realized that you can "download" "songs" on "your" computer "." So being a music nerd, I will try to hep whoever is reading this to some good stuff. How do you know it's good? Well, you'll just have to trust me now, won't you? But I will assume you're a hip-hop fan and try to cater specifically to you without pandering. I will try not to get too nerd on you and just give you the basics. First off, Mulatu Astatke:

So Mulatu is an Ethiopian jazz cat who traveled to London, New York, and Brazil and soaked up all these different styles of funk, soul and latin rhythms in the late 60s/early 70s, which he incorporated into his music when he came back to Ethiopia. His music is a combination of snakecharmer melodies meets Roy Ayers-style jazz-funk meets Booker T. and the MGs soul. I got into him b/c his music is all over Broken Flowers, the new Bill Murray/Jim Jarmusch flick.

Until Wex shows me how to do this proper, trust me that the below link is Mulatu Astatke's "Yekatit."

Next up is David Axelrod, who if you're a hip-hop fan and don't know, now's the time to educate thyself. If you like Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Mos Def or DJ Shadow, you like this orchestral jazz producer/arranger and just don't know it. Check out "The Warning Talk (Part II)" from his still-bugged-out-even-though-it's-30-years-old album Earth Rot and spot the sample from Mos Def's best song on Black on Both Sides.

Finally, you want hip-hop? Fine. You probably know 9th Wonder from his work on Jay-Z's Black Album and his albums as part of Little Brother and with Murs, Jean Grae and Buckshot. Before any of that, he was remixing Nas's God's Son album into God's Stepson, one of the dopest albums he's put out. (Sorry, that Buckshot collabo was average.) Here be "Get Down." Yeah, I know you love the original beat that when it comes on in the club, you're like, "Ohhhh!!!" but 9th flips it into some smoothed-ass soul shit and it loses none of its hotness. If you don't feel this beat, I sorta feel sorry for your parents having to raise a deaf kid.

Word. Feel free to post your comments somewhere. Probably in the "Comments" section if you're feeling any of these or not. Oh, and check out's review of Dangerdoom. It's a pretty solid review and I agree with almost all of it (mostly since I wrote it.)

Until next time,

J. New


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WORD. nice newmie... nice!

btw, i'm drunk. still.

i don't know how it happened.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The beats are hot and Buckshot still has it but the best songs are not coincidentally the shortest ones. 9th knows how to find an ill sample but, unlike other cats like Kanye, Danger Mouse etc., he doesn't know what to do with the beat once he's got it. So too often on Chemistry, the beats just get repetitive and, consequently, not very exciting. But hey, that's just my opinion.

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9th Wonder has yet to create a beat that makes me stop everything i'm doing.

9:33 AM  
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