Monday, December 19, 2005

look at yourself.

the pictures from the december edition of HHK are now up on the site for your viewing pleasure. so check them out. as always, if you don't see yourself and you were up there performing, chances are our photographer, rick purcell -, does have a pic or two of you, so email him.

more later... yo.



Blogger R.S. said...

Hey peoples...

Like Wex said, I'm happy to hook anyone up with extra shots, or find you a pic that doesn't make it onto the site. Or if you want a shot high-res for printing, etc...

My thirdeyeclosed address was just a forward, and is dead. Drop a line at rickdiezel (don't ask) at gmail for photos, comments, whatever. See you all next month!

1:17 PM  
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