Monday, April 03, 2006

wex knows best.

i'm addicted to "hogan knows best". i can't help it... i mean, the hulk was the SHIT to me as a little kid. i remember begging my pops to take me to the miami arena to see him in the "royal rumble". i think i was even wearing the yellow tank. yup. it was like that.

the new ghostface album is great. if you haven't checked it yet, please do yourself the favor. it's not "supreme clientele", but it's better than 99% of the other shit being released on a major these days. "the champ" is the 2006 "daytona 500". yea, i said it.

i think jay is addicted to youtube. i have my reasons.

rap is outta control. and has been for a while... but jesus, busta's crackin' dave mays with a champagne bottle, black rob is going away for 7 years (for stealing shit out of a lady's hotel room?!?!), and russell lost his lady. damn, that's what i call a week.

what better way to end another WTF week in Hip Hop than to come to this month's HHK @ Rothko?? so come on thru, it'll be Fun with a capital F. peace...



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