Saturday, May 06, 2006


wow. i'm not going to lie, last night left me (and i think i speak for digs & jay too) completely SPENT. upon coming to the Delancey at 9:30pm, digs and i were a little apprehensive. we were definitely out of our normal element. we normally have rothko completely to ourselves on HHK nights. which means we get a full load-in, hour long soundcheck, etc etc. this was not going to be the case tonight at the delancey. when we arrived, the placed was already packed full of b&t peoples, which made getting our 400 records into the club a bit difficult. "excuse me. excuuuuse me. EXCUSE ME! GET OUT THE WAY!!" so then, i setup my records in the upstairs dj booth, to get ready to dj our sign-up period, and found that only one turntable was working... yikes. got that fixed quickly enough, though. after i started playing some KANE... the b&t people started clearing out... and our good-vibe-sending HHK crowd started piling in (was so good seeing ya'll) and hopefully enjoyed the 2 hours of classics i played.

then the real fun began... time to move all of the records downstairs (complete with loud band playing) and start figuring out the crap dj booth that was awaiting me. guess what? fucking both turntables weren't working. YIKES. plus the band still had to get their gear off of the stage, which they seemed to be taking their sweet time doing. needless to say, i was stressed. but then, things started improving. RICK, our fantastic photographer, came over to the booth (when i had clearly given up hope on the t'tables being operational) and took charge. he lifted up the mixer, exposing a stupid button that had to be pressed to get the signals flowing correctly (why such a button would even exist, i have no idea) ... but, boom, ready to go! thanks rick!

from here on out... with exception to a few things, the show was actually a great success. the crowd was thick, the vibe hype, and the performances were on-point! thanks in large part to you guys... who, even though the venue was new (and last minute), the show was late, and the setup a bit, how do you say, different (digs rockin' the stage solo this time around) ... still came out to support in large numbers... and really moved the crowd correctly. seriously, we have the best crowd that i think any party/show in the city has... really can't thank you guys enough. was a lot of fun... can't wait for next month.

much love.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to know who imported the boo-birds on Friday. I haven't seen that much booing since Rocker came back to Shea. Anyone who booed that didn't go up on stage: you're gonna get yours.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Kev frum BROOKLYN! said...

Yeah, what was up with that? Were they leftovers from the earlier crowd?

1:03 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

that may have been it kev. i can't think of another explanation. definitely had nothing to do what was happening on stage b/c van was killing children's story when those shmucks started in with the shenanigans.

already bumming that i'm going to miss the june show. i'm going to have to find a karaoke bar that friday night in cali. worse case scenario i'll just need to drop guru a capella in the hotel as i listen to my ipod.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That booing was wack as all hell. I have to apologize for my performance though. I learned a valuable lesson that night. DRINK WATER BEFORE HITTING THE STAGE! Man my voice cracked more than the liberty bell. I'm gonna make up for it though at SouthPaw.


3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

peace to everyone,
i did not attend the may 5th installment of HHK but I have some thoughts on the booing. What continues to attract me to HHK (besides it being a strictly HIP-HOP purist karaoke) is that the crowd ALWAYS shows love, no matter if the performer knows the words to a song or not. I hate to say this but maybe making cats pay a cover charge from now on can stop the parasites from attacking the folks who want to have a good time in a fun, non-threatening environment. Not to sound like a herb (far from one) but HHK is not about booing or attacking anyone. After the antics of some folks at the March 5th installment I sensed a little tension but figured it would I'm hearing this? Damn y'all, don't ruin a good thing. If you don't have anything positive to say, regardless, DON'T BOO. This is not amateur talent night, it's karaoke. People are SUPPOSED to make mistakes; it's for fun! Don't Boo! Peace to everyone who ever had the courage to ever rock HHK, one love.
danielle aka "Incarcerated Scarfaces"
ps-peace to Josh who i saw at the Roots show last night. That show was off the chain! Rahzel killed it!

12:36 PM  

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