Monday, May 22, 2006

yes, we're still here.


sorry we haven't hit you all with a new blog post in a hot minute... but i've been wanting to let that last post simmer for a little while. so you all would know what HHK is doing for the month's of June & July.

but yea, let me get this out of the way now... THE NEXT HHK will be at Southpaw on June 24. geah. southpaw is one of my favorite music venues in all of new york city, and i'm very proud that we'll be bringing HHK there for the official after-party for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

in other news, and as some of you might have heard, our venue, Rothko, is now closed for good. we were very sad to hear this, but remain very greatful to the venue, it's staff, and it's owner, Rory Maher, for the time they allowed us to host HHK there. we loved it.

what does this mean for HHK?

a NEW home. where? not sure yet. luckily for you, the HHK team are a group of very resourceful people, who are already on the case for finding a great new home for HHK's monthly event. as always, stay tuned for news on this... we'll give you plenty of advance notice.

no, it won't be at the delancey. nope. don't worry.

rip rothko.



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