Wednesday, August 09, 2006

an updated blog?!? who, what, where!?!

yes, that's right folks, finally one of us has decided to come onto the "internet" and update this blog of ours. about time.

we've been busy gearing up for HHK's return to form... at our new monthly home: The Knitting Factory.

A couple of things about the Knitting Factory, for those of you are new to it...

The event is FREE. FREE to attend, FREE to perform.

It's a 2-Level, 400 capacity space that is very comfortable for an event like ours.

Also, it's ALL AGES. We've received emails here & there from the under 21 crowd who, until now, have been shut out from the HHK festivities. No longer. Come on in.

The main floor has 2 bars to drink from...

ummm.... and uh...

that's about it for now.

if you have a sec, and are a De La Soul fan... check this (cameos by Big Daddy Kane, Prince Paul, DMC, Krs-ONE, and more):


dj wex.


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